Fly the friendly skies
with Ryan Leslie.

From now on, Ryan will shoot you a text when
he's flying private to and from NYC.

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Process - How to fly

Through the power of SuperPhone®, you're one step away from flying private with Ryan Leslie.

Ryan's first foray into offering the experience of private aviation to his audience scored a FORBES headline when he sold out of $5000 private jet packages in just 24 hours. Now he's extending a private flight invitation to anyone spontaneous enough to fit themselves into his back-to-back schedule. Fly with the boss - here's how:


Anytime Ryan has a private flight to or from NYC, you'll receive a text (4 to 12 hours prior) with the details of the trip.


You'll have the opportunity to place a minimum bid of $250 to reserve a seat on that trip. Highest bidders fly with Ryan.


You'll receive a link to confirm your bid and process your payment to secure your place on the aircraft with the boss.


Once your birthdate, height and weight details have been verified, you'll fly with Ryan on a PJ to his destination.

Details - Plan Ahead

We take care of the plane and your seat. You take care of everything else.

This experience is an extension of Ryan's real workday. You'll be cleared to board his chartered aircraft and take a photo or a few snaps/stories. You'll be responsible for your transportation to and from the private airport and your return travel from Ryan's final destination.

Ground Transportation

You'll receive address information as well as the tail number of the aircraft. You'll be responsible for transportation to the private airport (FBO) and an on-time arrival. Please note that there are no cancellations for any reason including tardiness.

Media Capture

Ryan always travels with a dedicated content director, so you'll agree to be photographed/filmed during the trip. Feel free to repost on your socials. You'll also be able to take photos and snaps of the trip and a selfie with the boss (as desired).

Return Travel

When Ryan arrives at his destination, he will have his own transportation arranged. Make sure you have a solid game-plan when you land that gets you to your final destination safely - you'll be fully responsible for your own return travel.

Fleet - Your Aircraft

Travel with the boss on a Cessna, Gulfstream or Bombardier private jet.

Citation Excel


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The Cessna Citation Excel is a midsize jet (7 seats) engineered for short trips up to 2000 miles.



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The Gulfstream G280 is a super midsize jet (9 seats) engineered for longer trips up to 3600 miles.

Challenger 604


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The Bombardier Challenger 604 is a large jet (10 seats) engineered for comfort on trips up to 3800 miles.

Contact - Send a DM

All inquiries related to confirmed flights on Ryan's private aircraft are handled exclusively via Instagram - send a Direct Message via the link below:

@ryanleslieprivatejets Click the message button on Instagram.

Based in NYC

228 Park Ave S., #41371
New York, NY 10003-1502